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Chettinad Lincoln International School

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Health Services

The school maintains health records on each child so that the best care and treatment can be given. Injured and ill children are assessed and treated accordingly. You, as parents, can greatly assist us in our efforts to provide the best care for your child by ensuring that the Admissions Office has the following information on file and that it is maintained current and accurate:

  • Home telephone number and mobile number (confirmed each year). Parents are urged to communicate with the Admissions Office, any change of address/contact numbers, etc., as soon as possible.
  • A complete Immunization Record. 
  • The Medical Treatment and Travel Permission Form. Please ensure to indicate any special medical conditions and/or allergies your child may have.
  • The Emergency Contact Information Form, which includes the names and telephone numbers two friends/relatives in the event that we cannot reach you (to be confirmed each year).