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International Schools Services (ISS)

Chettinad Lincoln: Part of a Global Network of Leading International Schools

Chettinad Lincoln International School is currently the only International Schools Services (ISS) managed school in India, and is part of the brand “ISS Global Schools”. ISS is headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, USA, and has been a world leader in providing support to international schools around the globe for more than 60 years.

The ISS mission is to advance the quality of education for children in international schools by providing innovative services and solutions for learning communities and organizations throughout the world. ISS currently provides a wide range of services for more than 200 schools worldwide, and annually recruits more than 1,000 teachers to work in international schools.

For all its managed schools, ISS provides quality assurance and oversight, regular site visits, direct access to our other services and personal support to the Head of School from the team of experienced international educators in our home and regional offices. 

This expertise and support will ensure that Chettinad Lincoln provides a proven, research-based, world-class educational experience for all students and faculty, and leverages a unique network of talent and resources that benefit the school locally.