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Chettinad Lincoln International School

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Admissions Policies

Nursery, Pre-K, Lower KG and Upper KG 


Admissions Policy

Chettinad Lincoln International School is a privately owned school that offers an exceptional international program. Students are admitted to Chettinad Lincoln regardless of race, gender, nationality or religion provided they meet all the admission requirements. Applications for admission are accepted throughout the year and Chettinad Lincoln seeks to accept all qualified students who apply, provided seats are available. All students are eligible for admission if it is believed that the school can meet their physical, emotional, social and academic needs. ​

Placement Criteria

Placement in all Nursery, Pre-K, Lower KG and Upper KG classes are made by the Admissions Committee, on the basis of the student's age and his/her academic and behavioral reports from the previous years when applicable. The initial placement of a student is tentative and the school may re-assess the student's placement if necessary. In such instances, the parents will be notified and thorough class observation and additional testing may take place to determine the best course of action – one that will be best suited to the student's abilities and developmental, cognitive, academic and intellectual levels.

Chettinad Lincoln uses the cut-off date of August 31 for student grade placement. No exceptions will be made to the Chettinad Lincoln cut-off date requirement for late birthdays.

Admissions Standards Level Division & Program
Age 2 by or on August 31st of the current school year Nursery Early Childhood Program
Age 3 by or on August 31st of the current school year and toilet trained Pre-K Early Childhood Program
Age 4 by or on August 31st of the current school year and toilet trained Lower KG Early Childhood Program
Age 5 by or on August 31st of the current school year and toilet trained Upper KG Early Childhood Program


Language Proficiency Entry Requirements

Non-native English speaking students are admitted to Nursery, Pre-K, Lower KG and Upper KG without regard to their English language fluency. Once the academic year is in progress, students will be expected to demonstrate an acceptable level of fluency in English.

Sibling’s Admission

Siblings of Chettinad Lincoln students have priority over other applicants. A special admission period only for Chettinad Lincoln students’ siblings is scheduled before admission is open to other students.  Once the initial sibling registration period is over, all students will be given equal opportunity for admission.

Suspected Learning Difficulties/Disabilities 

While some students might not show evidence of learning difficulties/disabilities during the initial admission process, the school reserves the right to review the initial placement should there be new evidence of suspected learning difficulties/disabilities.  In such instances, parents might be required to consult with a specialist institution for a formal assessment of the child. If the school feels it is in the child’s best interest to be moved to a specialized establishment, parents will be asked to make necessary arrangements that will avail their child of such services.  ​