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After-School Activities

Fostering Children’s Self Esteem, Independence and Development Through a Range of Experiences


In upcoming years, Chettinad Lincoln will provide both aftercare and enrichment activities for all students. In a safe and nurturing environment, our After-School Program will offer a variety of activities and options that suit each student’s needs on any given day. The After-School Program will be designed to meet the scheduling requirements of both the children and parents at Chettinad Lincoln. We will also offer a wide array of after-school enrichment classes. Course descriptions and costs will be sent home prior to the beginning of each session. 

Early Childhood and Elementary After-School Program

Activities will take into consideration the multiple intelligences of children, their interests, abilities and learning needs. After-school activities encourage the student to use spare time productively. Students also have the opportunity to improve their abilities in a particular area such as art, clay, cooking, literacy. Students will often develop an ongoing appreciation of a particular subject matter that remains a life-long interest and source of enjoyment.

The overall aim of the elementary After-School Program at Chettinad Lincoln is to provide new educational opportunities for students. Based on student learning, the wide range of activities from which students can select may be creative, scholastic or athletic in nature.

The majority of activities will be run by faculty on select days of the week, although depending on the students' needs and desires, we may outsource external organizations who specialize in certain activities (i.e. Tae Kwon Do or Ballet). Activities offered are meant to be enjoyable, challenging as well as interesting to students. The After-School Program is designed to allow students to have time to play while exploring new challenges.

Some examples of elementary after-school activities might include, pottery, card games, homework club, math club, digital design, football, choir, martial arts, chess club, basketball, drama club, swimming, and foreign language clubs.


Middle and High Schools Activities and Athletics Program

The aim of our Middle and High School Activities and Athletics Program will be to engage as many students as possible and provide opportunities for them to excel and become skilled in areas outside of their classroom.

In addition, we want our students to have fun participating in the various school events and after school activities offered at Chettinad Lincoln. These activities play an important role in the special growth that occurs during their transition into the teenage years.

The Chettinad Lincoln Middle and High School Activities and Athletics Program will provide a wide range of activities students can participate in, and will run for 45 minutes to 1 hour after school dismissal. Examples of Middle and High school after-school activities may include intramural and interscholastic sports, personal fitness clubs, yoga, student government, outreach and service clubs, Model United Nations, Global Initiatives Network, choir, band, externships with local companies, drama, chess/games, design and innovation 'maker' clubs, and coding clubs.

Registration will be required. Course descriptions and fees for After-School Activities will be communicated to students and their families in advance.