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Chettinad Lincoln International School

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Crafting Future Leaders

Chettinad Lincoln International School is a non-profit independent school sponsored by the Rajah Muthiah Chettiar Charitable and Educational Trust. The new school is a modern, spacious and beautiful educational facility located in Chennai, India, on the same expansive and tree-lined campus as the prestigious Chettinad Health City’s medical and dental colleges.

Chettinad Lincoln offers an exceptional international education, guided by international faculty using the best international standards developing children into intelligent, confident, compassionate future leaders.  

U.S. President Abraham Lincoln was one of history’s most influential and inspirational leaders.

Abraham Lincoln, America's sixteenth president, was best known for uniting a nation across differences in challenging times. He was a strong leader yet thoughtful collaborator, and led the country through a transformational change based on an unwavering belief in the values of equality and freedom. Chettinad Lincoln recognizes these values and the importance they had in creating positive change in the world.

The Chettinad Lincoln logo includes a unique, stylized image, blending the Lincoln Memorial building with a graduation cap and tassel. It represents the students' success, based on the pillars of a strong academic foundation designed to prepare them to be knowledgeable, thoughtful, and compassionate global leaders and contributors.